Founded in 2016, ICONNBC Business Association is a not-for-profit business association dedicated to promoting meaningful communication platforms, that encompasses Canadian values, diversity, and harmony. ICONNBC’s philosophy is to host complimentary events and forums and not be membership driven.

Since its inception, ICONNBC has visited the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Ontario and Victoria British Columbia and facilitated over 30 forums and business events addressing the following:

  • Networking events to promote productive dialogue
  • Bridge concerned sectors with valid government resources & government representatives
  • Facilitate forums with professional panelists on key topics
  • Promote Canadian values, while supporting diversity, harmony, and equal opportunity
  • Supportive of youth, young family groups, and the senior members of the community

“ICONNBC Business Association recognizes there is an existing group of professionals with an untapped wealth of knowledge within our multicultural communities. It is our vision to connect, to share, and to learn from their wisdom and experience, through meaningful dialogue.”

. . . Paul Tam, Chairman, ICONNBC