ICONNBC Business Association is an innovative and credible not-for-profit business organization. We offer meaningful, result-oriented forums that will foster dialogue in business.

ICONNBC recognizes that there is an existing group of business professionals with a wealth of knowledge. Our mission is to assist members to connect with those professionals and learn from their wisdom and experience.

ICONNBC shall:

  • Facilitate networking events
  • Share experiences and business opportunities
  • Host discussion platforms with government officials, dignitaries, and our Members
  • Encourage communications between all three levels of government, the business community and society

“A new business association is about to launch its official debut. ICONNBC an acronym for “I connect” is exactly what our mandate – to create a platform for different groups to connect. It is important that ICONNBC provides knowledge and experience to benefit our members.”

…Allen Chan, Vice Chairman, ICONNBC