Embracing Canadian values of inclusivity and respect, while providing a platform for the exchange of business expertise, fostering growth and community within the Canadian business landscape.

Facilitating Meaningful Communication Platforms

ICONNBC Business Association commits to establishing impartial forums where voices from every business sector will be conveyed to municipal, provincial, and federal government. In these spaces, the perspectives and feedback of each member are met with respect and consideration.

Insightful Events for All Sectors

All ICONNBC events are designed to support various business sectors by connecting them with pertinent industry professionals and specific government ministries. This ensures that their input and concerns are appropriately acknowledged and that they receive valuable feedback from industry experts and government representatives.

Connecting and Sharing Together

ICONNBC carefully curate events that serve as a nexus for networking, education, and professional development. These gatherings are tailored to meet the multifaceted requirements of entrepreneurs, cultivating an environment where continuous learning and mutual growth are achieved through engaging conversations and dynamic interactions.

Join Our Community

Submission of membership application is subject to review and approval by the Board of Directors. Membership is free of charge and ICONNBC Business Association will not sell or broadcast any private / personal information.