ICONNBC Business Association Jessie Mo & Councillor Linda McPhail

October.09.2020 |

Jessie Mo, hosted with guest Councillor Linda McPhail in a virtual meeting with a group of interested Parents addressing three topics of concern: re-opening of schools in Richmond under the new guidelines provided by the Board of Education and Ministry of Health. Based on the four options for parents to choose from regarding the education of their children: a)Returning to School for In-person Classroom Instruction; b)Home Schooling; c)Distributed Learning and d)Transition Learning, Jessie explained the four options and then addressed two additional concerns: Richmond protection against flooding and the Block Watch Program. Translation was offered in both English and Mandarin. The Parents were encouraged to go to the following website (translated in both English & Chinese). Councillor McPhail provided reference material for Jessie to share with the parents.